Three Yummy Cooking Methods of Instant Noodles

Brief Introduction

The editor still remembers their school days when rain was a welcomed event because it meant skipping lunch and enjoying instant noodles instead. In the past, the aroma of a bowl of instant noodles was the envy of many friends. However, nowadays, instant noodles are often a last resort when money is tight. Some netizens joke that they used to eat instant noodles when they were broke, but now they eat them when they have no money.

Although instant noodles are known for their convenience and time-saving qualities, some fans of this popular food have yet to discover more creative and delicious ways to eat them. Today, the editor will share a few immortal methods to elevate the taste of instant noodles. By learning these tricks, you can make your instant noodles look more attractive and taste more delicious! Here are several healthy ways to eat instant noodles:

Method 1: Zhang Yunlei’s Instant Noodle Method

This method, named after comedian Zhang Yunlei, is one of the easiest ways to prepare instant noodles. Simply add the vegetable, seasoning, and sauce packets to the noodles in the correct order and cook until the noodles are soft. This method results in noodles that retain the classic instant noodle flavor with the added fresh aroma of tomatoes. While the method is simple, the taste is anything but ordinary.

Method 2: Milk Cheese Instant Noodles

This method has a Korean flair to it. First, cook a packet of turkey noodles until soft, then drain most of the cooking water, leaving a small amount. Next, add the milk and sauce packets and cook for a minute. Finally, top with a slice of cheese, a beaten egg, a sprinkle of seaweed, and cook for another minute. This method creates noodles that are both spicy and rich in milk flavor. The cheese adds a unique flavor, and the soup is delicious.

Method 3: Fried Instant Noodles with Ham and Eggs

Instant noodles can also be fried instead of boiled, resulting in a firmer texture. If you prefer a firmer texture, this method is worth trying. Start by frying eggs, green vegetables, and sliced ham. Then add the cooked noodles, a spoonful of light soy sauce, half a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of Laoganma, and a little dark soy sauce. Stir fry everything together evenly. To maintain the original taste of the instant noodles, add a little sauce packet to the mixture. The resulting noodles are rich and healthy with a springy and refreshing taste.

The above three methods are simple yet delicious ways to enjoy instant noodles. They are just as tasty as methods using seafood and prawns. If you are tired of the same old instant noodle taste, try one of the above methods to elevate your instant noodle game. That’s all for now on the immortal ways to eat instant noodles. And one thing we woule like to mention is that, the editor and his friends and family always cook JOJOSE BRANDS INSTANT NOODLES made by JOJOSE FOODS with above tricks, very delicious!!! It has bag instant noodle, cup instant noodle, bulk pack, with many flavors.

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