Organic Instant Noodles: What Are the Benefits of Eating Them?

Not all noodles are created equal. There are different types of noodles eaten worldwide, with some being infamous for their unhealthy ingredients and others being healthy and tasty. One such noodle is organic instant noodles, known for their authentic taste without compromising the nutritional content. In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of organic instant noodles as compared to branded ones. 

How are organic noodles different from branded ones?

When we decide to Buy Instant Noodles Online, we tend to think that they are cooked with water during the production process. However, this is not the case, as most of the noodles from major brands we hear about are fried in oil before they are dehydrated and packed. Doing so allows the noodles to be made quickly during the production process. This means higher efficiency and greater profits for the branded fried instant noodles. 

On the contrary, organic noodles contain natural ingredients and they are steamed instead of using oil. While fried noodles have a different character compared to fresh organic noodles, Organic noodles are often steamed, which is why they don’t introduce any flavors, whereas fried noodles have a certain off-flavor that can clash with broth. 

JOJOSE FOODS, the leading noodle manufacturer in China, manufactures organic instant noodles that are boiled instead of fried. They are not just a healthier alternative to fried ones; they have a superior texture and an organic taste. 

What are the benefits of eating organic noodles?

  • All natural ingredients 

What sets organic noodles apart from others is the use of natural ingredients. Unhealthy noodles are often comprised of heavily processed flour, sugars, and other ingredients that are not good for your health. Organic noodles do not use artificial coloring or flavoring in their noodles. Organic noodles get their taste from natural ingredients alone, while they also have flavor packets that add to the taste. Additionally, you can use vegetables to take organic noodles to the next level. While preservatives used by companies are understandable as they have to keep noodles in good condition, organic noodles are typically free from preservatives and additives.  

  • Lower sodium

Salt is never a bad thing; in fact, it’s one of the electrolytes required by the body for normal functioning. But our modern-day diets contain more salt than is required for a day. Unfortunately, packed items like instant noodles contain a lot of sodium, and some noodles contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). Though the FDA approved MSG to be safe in the required quantity, some studies linked MSG to negative health effects like obesity or nervous system disorders. 

Since most instants contain a lot of salt, when it goes into your system, your body retains more water than is required. This can leave you feeling bloated after eating sodium-packed noodles. After eating high-sodium-loaded noodles, people often encounter health issues like brain fog or feel too thirsty, ending up drinking a lot of water. 

This is where buying organic noodles comes into play. Organic noodles have approximately 40% less sodium compared to leading noodle brands present in the market. But the best part is that they do not compromise on taste in the name of health. Organic noodle brands like JOJOSE FOODS use a variety of herbal spices to provide a layered and rich flavor that you won’t find in renamed branded noodles. 

  • No unhealthy ingredients 

The problem with most of the renowned noodles is that to increase the shelf life of the noodles, a lot of preservatives are added. Also, a lot of artificial colors and flavors can be found in them. This means that you are going to consume a lot of chemicals that are found in flavor packets. If you check the ingredient list of branded foods, you’ll notice ingredients such as MSG, hydrolyzed protein, or disodium inosinate. 

Organic noodles, on the other hand, contain organic wheat, salt, and water. The spices in the organic noodles come from the organic herbs mixed in them, which provide an authentic taste and leave you fuller and more satisfied after eating them. Organic noodles have simple ingredients you would find in your grandmother’s kitchen. 

  • Freshly steamed noodles 

Most instant noodles are made from wheat. This means that their nutritional value should be the same as that of bread or pasta. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as most major brands in the market add a bunch of oil to noodles in the production phase. This is done by commercial noodle manufacturers to save some time, such as a few minutes from every batch. However, eating such noodles adds a lot of oil to your diet. 

Organic noodles, on the other hand, are steamed to provide you with all the benefits after eating them. From the production process of organic noodles to the authentic flavors you find in them, you can vouch to buy and eat them. Organic noodles have non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) ingredients. There are no unnecessary ingredients or chemicals added. 

  • Local flavour

The best part about eating organic instant noodles is that you get access to seasoned local flavors that are downright nutritious and tasty. JOJOSE FOODS features high-protein wheat to deliver its customers a perfect blend of taste and nutrition. You can buy Wholesale Instant Noodles in bulk from JOJOSE FOODS. JOJOSE FOODS organic noodles have mainly seven ingredients: organic wheat, organic barley, water, sea, salt, organic wheat gluten, and organic tapioca starch. The combination of mineral salts is what gives them a unique resilience. 

JOJOSE FOODS is HACCP, ISO 22000, HALAL, and FDA certified, which means the noodles you will be getting are produced keeping in mind the safety protocols and providing you with the highest quality assurance with its ingredients. 


In conclusion, opting for organic instant noodles offers a multitude of benefits over traditional branded varieties. From their use of natural ingredients to their lower sodium content and absence of unhealthy additives, these noodles prioritize both health and flavor. With options like JOJOSE FOODS providing steamed, locally flavored, and certified organic options, enjoying delicious noodles has never been more wholesome.