Crunchy Delights: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Potato Chips for Your Snacktime Satisfaction

When it comes to snack time, there’s nothing quite like the satisfying crunch of a good bag of potato chips. Made primarily with three ingredients—potato, oil, and salt—the market is flooded with a range of them such as fried or Pringles-Style potato chips, making it difficult to choose the one that’s both flavorful and healthy. Not to worry! Our comprehensive guide will help you find the ultimate potato chip that will tickle your taste buds and meet your nutrition goals just right.

Table of contents

  • What are potato chips?
  • What are the types of potato chips?
  • What are the factors to consider before buying potato chips?
  • Conclusion

What are potato chips?

Potato chips are delectable snacks, side dishes, or appetisers. For manufacturing potato chips, they mainly undergo seven key steps:

  • Potato grading and sorting
  • Cleaning and destoning
  • Peeling, slicing, or trimming,
  • Frying 
  • Salting and seasoning
  • Cooling 
  • Servicing and packaging

Earlier, potato chips were made only through deep frying, but now they are also made with the baking method or compound technology. They are often served with dips and sauces and can be eaten as a standalone if you are considering travelling.

What are the types of potato chips?

There are three types of potato chips:


Baked potato chips are known to be healthier as compared to their fried counterparts. Made with potatoes, olive oil, and salt, they are deep-fried until they are hard and dry and achieve the perfect crunch and crispiness. They come in a variety of flavours and textures; find the one that goes best with your taste.


There are a variety of potato chips on the market, but which one tops the chart as a favourite of people? -fried chips. The simple reason for fried chips popularity is their variety. They can be made faster, easier, and cheaper as the process involved is frying rather than baking.


Compound potato chips are potato chips made from potato powder. The potato powder is combined with other powders to increase raw materials and raw flavours. Compound chips come in various shapes, unlike fried or baked potato chips, which come only in round shapes.

What are the factors to consider before buying potato chips?

There are several factors to consider before buying potato chips:

Check MSG

In packed food items, it’s very common to use food additives. One of the most widely used food additives is monosodium glutamate (MSG). Using these additives enhances the flavour of food items, in this case, chips. It enhances the savoury and contrasting flavours of many chips, and for this reason, chips taste a bit salty aside from their sodium content.

In the late 1960s, the additive came under strong criticism for being a ‘toxic’ addition to food. Since then, much research has been conducted to debunk the myth that MSG is a toxic ingredient, and while some claim that it causes no health issues, the topic of MSG and its effects remains controversial.

In the case of potato chips, there is always MSG available in some amount to elevate the flavours, and according to the Mayo Clinic, there is reportedly no link to the side effects that MSG has caused. So for those who freak out due to the MSG used in potato chips, there’s no need to, as you’re eating MSG most of the time in packaged items.

Baked, Fried, or Compound

As we have explained above, these are the three types of potato chips on the market. You can make choices based on your health preferences or taste. Choose fried ones for extra crunch, variety, and taste. While baked ones are believed to have fewer calories and a lesser fat content. While choosing compound chips for various shapes such as tiles and triangles.

Unique Flavours

As the popularity of potato chips grew, manufacturers started creating unique flavours that satisfied the palate and are something unique from traditional chip flavours . Salted egg, Italian red meat, cucumber, roasted chicken wings, numb and spicy hot pot, and so on.

There are so many unique flavours to try that you can’t get over munching potato chips.

Try local brands.

The regional market is full of local-brand potato chips for you to try. Some small-batch chips are amazing, and even if there is an extra price on those chips, they are worth trying.

Local brands are preferred because they motivate local manufacturers and expand the local job market. Additionally, they are healthier due to the use of local ingredients and fewer preservatives.


Some people prefer thin and crispy chips, while others like thicker ones with a hearty bite. Consider what texture you enjoy the most, as thickness can significantly impact the chip’s overall taste and mouthfeel. You can try some easily available homemade potato chip recipe to make the have the perfect potato thickness with the best potato chip maker


Finding the perfect potato chips for your snacktime satisfaction is made easier when you consider the above tips. Consider factors like chip type, flavours, and thickness while being aware of additives like MSG. Whether you opt for baked, fried, or compound chips, exploring unique flavours and supporting local brands add to the delightful experience of enjoying these crunchy delights.JOJOSE FOODS is a leading potato chip manufacturer because they professionally produce pringle-style potato chips. With their focus on continuous production technique research and development, the pringles-style potato chips produced are crisp, crunchy, tasty, and could stack together. With their highest quality assurance, 24*7 services, and most advanced production machines, you’ll be rest assured that you’ll get quality chips. Along with potato chips, manufacturing Instant Noodles and fruit jellies are also on their list.